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Lituus Publishing presents:

Ars Alchemica - A Beginners' Guide to Potions
by Seraphina Galilea & Tiberius Galen

An essential for for studying potions. The work covers the basics from laboratory equipment, most important potion engredients (herbal, fungal and non-herbal) and the moon calendar to actual potions recipes.
115 pages, lots of illustrations. Bound in black faux-leather with gold coloured title and decorations.

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The book is available in two sizes: normal book size (~6"x8.5") and large size (~8.5"x12"). Price is 17.50 £ (+3.50 £ shipping) for the normal size and 24.50 £ (+4.50 £shipping) for the large size.

Coming soon: The World of Magical Plants - Grade I
A herbology textbook.

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Slip-over book covers
Why not cover up your favourite books with stylish covers. Each cover is made to the individual measurements you provide. Currently there are two designs available. More will come soon!

The Beginners' Guide to Transfiguration

A very unusual cover of brown genuine leather with gold coloured lettering. Title can be chosen by the customer.

Price is 8.50 £

The Standard Book of Spells

A cover of black faux leather with silver coloured lettering. Title can be chosen by the customer.

Price is 7.00 £

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To keep your Book of Shadows up to date, do wizard school homework or simply write owl mails you need a quill. We have the stylish qill for every witch and wizard. Our quills have the finest stainless steel nib and a soft goat skin wrap to ensure a perfect writing comfort..
Price per quill is 5 £ + 2 £shipping.
Solid black
Solid purple
Owl pattern red
Owl pattern yellow
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