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Robes for all occasions
Robes and accessoirs for every Wizard need. We have everything from school robes to wizard sports supply.
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Wizard school ties

Ties are new style and available in all house colours. Adult size, woven Polyester.
Price is 10 £ with free shipping within Europe and only 1 £ shipping to everywhere else in the world.

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Tie tacks
The tie tacks are casted metal, silver plated. Size is a little less than one inch. Every house mascot is availbale. Each tie tack comes with a little cloth bag decorated with the house mascot. Price is 4.90 £ + shipping.
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School Robes
School robes are available in black with house colour lining (with hood) or plain black with hood or colar. Each robe is individually made for perfect fit. Fabric is usually cotton or a cotton or rayon blend.
Price for a custom made robe: 60 £ + shipping.
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We now also offer charcoal grey wrap skirts to complete the school uniform. The skirts have two pleats in the front are are made from charcoal grey wool fabric. Since the skirts are custom made every size is available. Price is 20 £ + shipping.
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Champions' robes

New addition! The outfit for a true champion.
Black nylon robe with cotton or athletic mesh lining, racing stripes, as well Name and star symbol.
Standard lining is cotton but mesh fabric can be chosen at no additional cost. Please note that mesh fabric needs to be ordered and this can take up to two weeks.
The following colour combinations are available:

  • Black robe with red lining, golden stripes, name in red.
  • Black robe with yellow lining, black/yellow stripes, name in yellow
  • Black robe with blue lining, silver stripes, name in blue/light grey
  • Black robe with green lining, silver stripes, name in green/light grey

Price for a custom made robe: 80 £ + shipping.

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Sports Wear
Wizard Sports Robes
Robes are custom made. All league teams available.
Price for a custom made robe: 75 £ + shipping


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School Sports Robes

All house colours available in both old and new style. Raincoat-like nylon is available for Gryffindor colours. Individually made for perfect fit.
Price for a custom made new style robe: 75 £
(Name and number will be added as requested by the customer)
Price for a custom made old style robe: 60 £

Gryffindor looks:
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Wizards Sport Pads
The Pads are handmade with great care. Available colour combinations are browm/creme, brown/brown (new style) and black/white.
Price for a custom made set (arm and shin guards + knee pads): 100 £
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House track jackets
Great items to wear in the non-wizarding world but still showing your house colours. Currently we offer two types of house jackets: one in wizard-sports style with stripes and player position makrings and one in the darker school robe colour with the house mascot embroidered on the back. Both types of jackets have a hood and cangorooh pockets. Prices: 32 £ (+shipping) for the sports style jacket and 25 £ (+shipping) for the jacket with embroidered mascot.
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More robes...
Coming soon: Ministerial Pinstripes
Coming soon: Potions Master Frock Coat